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Agenda Highlights:

● Understanding Your AWS Spend● Leverage the Latest AWS Cost Monitoring and Management Tools● Strategic Cost Reduction Techniques for AWS● Case Studies from Svitla: Updated practical applications

Key Takeaways:

Here's what you'll get after a 1-hour webinar provided by Svitla Systems:

  • Where your money goes: understanding your AWS expenditures

  • Strategic cost reduction techniques for AWS

  • The latest AWS cost monitoring and management tools

  • Case studies from Svitla to overview our customers’ practical experience

  • Q & A session with AWS expert

Our speaker: Illya Reznykov, CTO and Senior Cloud Architect at Svitla Systems, Ph.D.


A seasoned and certified Cloud Architect with over 25 years of experience, Illya has a proven track record of transforming legacy applications through codebase review, refactoring, optimization, migration, and integrating new features. His hands-on experience with CI/CD pipelines, on-premises, and cloud deployments in AWS and Azure and supporting multiple environments further illustrates his versatility as a leader in the cloud domain.


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    CTOs, CIOs, IT and Software Engineering Managers.
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    Cloud Architects, Solution Architects, DevOps Managers.
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    Other technology leaders seeking to drive better IT outcomes through AWS Well-Architected.

The 2024 Guide to AWS Spending Efficiency: Tools, Tips, & TechniquesApril 25 \ 10 am PST

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