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Agenda Highlights:

● reduce manual processes and interventions;● increase the use of automation and digitalization;● turn data into information;● use of AI in key business processes;● and provide a great customer experience.

Key Takeaways:

Here's what you'll get after a 1-hour webinar provided by Svitla Systems:

Expert Insights

Mark DeMeo brings over 20 years of experience managing large-scale data transformation projects. His background includes a significant role in the digital transformation at Tracfone Wireless, which saw substantial growth during his tenure.

Focus on Efficiency and Automation

One of the main themes of the webinar will be strategies to reduce manual processes through increased automation and digitalization. This focus aims to streamline operations and reduce the potential for human error.

Data Utilization

Turning data into actionable information is a key topic, emphasizing the importance of data analytics in improving business decisions and operational efficiency.

Enhancing Customer Experience

The webinar will explore ways to simplify and enhance the customer experience. This includes making interactions smoother and more intuitive, which is crucial for customer satisfaction and retention.

Q & A session with the Speaker

This is a perfect opportunity to delve deeper into digital transformation strategies and ask Mark about the real-world applications and challenges he has encountered

Our speaker: Mark DeMeoExec SVP at Svitla Systems and Former CIO of Tracfone Wireless 


For over 20 years has managed large data transformation projects for numerous corporate clients. Mark also had extensive experience in leading the Digital Transformation efforts at Tracfone Wireless which went from $800M to over $8Billion to become the fourth largest cell phone company in the US. Mark has extensive experience in implementing technology and product solutions, application development, package and product integration, ERP systems implementations, and Distributed Information Management systems in high data volume businesses in several industries.


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    CTOs, CIOs, Chief Data Officer , Head of IT and Head of Digital
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    Director of Innovation, VP of Information Technology, Director of Information Systems, Director of Technology
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    Other technology leaders seeking to drive better IT outcomes through Digital Transformation.

Digital Transformation and the Impact on Business ModelsMay 23 \ 10 am PST

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