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Agenda Highlights:

● Basics of AI and Autonomous Agents● Key Technologies Behind Autonomous Agents ● Agent Workflows and Coordination in Customer Service● Practical Applications and Case Studies● Q&A Session

Key Takeaways:

Here's what you'll get after a 1-hour webinar provided by Svitla Systems:

Basics of AI and Autonomous Agents

Learn what autonomous agents are and how they operate independently to handle tasks, make decisions, and enhance customer service efficiency, consistency, scalability, and provide 24/7 support.

Key Technologies Behind Autonomous Agents

Explore the technologies that power autonomous agents, including Natural Language Processing (NLP) for understanding customer inquiries, Machine Learning (ML) for improving responses, Sentiment Analysis for emotional detection, and CRM integration for personalized interactions.

Agent Workflows and Coordination in Customer Service

Understand how to create, configure, and assign roles to autonomous agents, define tasks, monitor progress, and ensure efficient handling of customer inquiries through well-coordinated agent workflows.

Q & A session with the Speaker

Engage in an interactive session to address your questions on the technologies, workflows, and practical implementations of autonomous agents in customer service.

Case Studies

Discover real-world applications and case studies, such as automated support, personalized recommendations, and proactive support. See how an e-commerce company improved customer support efficiency and satisfaction using autonomous agents.

Our speaker: Gonzalo Juan GiosaSr. Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Engineer 


Gonzalo Juan Giosa is a Senior Machine Learning & AI Engineer at Svitla Systems, Inc., specializing in transforming large datasets into actionable insights. With expertise in designing predictive models and generative AI, Gonzalo has led significant AI projects at Blumie and Globant, enhancing operational efficiency. He holds advanced AI and Data Science degrees, driving AI innovation and strategic decision-making.


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    CTOs, CIOs, Chief Data Officer , Head of IT and Head of Digital
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    Director of Innovation, VP of Information Technology, Director of Information Systems, Director of Technology
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    Other technology leaders seeking to drive better IT outcomes through AI.

AI-Driven Customer Service Solutions: Enhancing Client ExperiencesAugust 22 \ 10 AM PST

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